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& Make It A Full Time Career! 
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What's Inside The Coaching Program
  •  Ask Manafest Anything Forum (ANYTIME)
  • 2 Monthly Group Coaching Calls (12th & 24th of every month) Usually at 9pm EST
  •  Success Path Training: How To Write, Sell and Market Your Music
TOP SECRET: How To Sell Over 50 million records and build a 11,000 person street steam
  •  Fanbase Factory Training: How To Market Your Music To New Fans On Social Media
  •  Exclusive Interviews With Music Industry Professionals (Booking Agents, Managers, Grammy Award Songwriters and Producers, DJ's)
TOP SECRET: $10,000 a Month Touring Strategy For (Independent Artists) 
  •  How To Book Shows & Become a World Class Perfomer
  •  How To Increase Your Income From Music Without a Record Label (dozens of income streams)
Jerry Fee (Nashville TN)
Cole De Ruse (Kansas City)
Doug - We Are Leo (Wisconsin)
Joe Pots (South Carolina)
Doug Ross (United Kingdom)
Guiller (Alberta, Canada)
A lot of great information for youtube marketing, but also marketing in general. Buy this course, it's more than your money's worth.
This course is very informative yet concise. Christopher has explained it in a very simple and easy to follow way. I am off to create my YouTube channel now
It gave me all the answers I was looking for! Implemented all the teachings and now in less then a week I have over 100,000 views on 4 music videos. Thanks Chris!
I took six pages of notes...
and I finally feel like I have a decent grasp of YouTube marketing. And he is concise and infor-mation. Best course I've taken so far.
Amazing Course! 
Taught me so much about YouTube that I needed to learn, even though I have been on YouTube for about 4 years now! Thank you Mr. Greenwood :)
All of the content in this course is very helpful, but Module 2 and 4 
are gold minds!

Chris, this course is awesome! 
I've long been on the musical mission too (over a decade!), and I'm learning so much from this course on how to maximise what I already have (songs! music!). Thankyou so much! 
Feeling inspired :D
I have signed up for loads of courses, Chris Greenwood has delivered one of the best training courses I have ever enroled on, very knowledgable, very easy to understand and very valuable information, highly recomended, after watching the whole course I have signed up for more of his training, money well spent, brilliant. Thanks Chris
Class is very informative. I have artists that I'm working with and by the 3rd or 4th video I could already see where we were going wrong when promoting on Youtube. I'll be using these techniques for myself and I'm definitely going to be directing a few people to this course.
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